By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      MTV’s Real World: Las Vegas season was probably the most popular season in the series’ history. It was so popular that MTV has decided to reunite the cast of Alton, Arissa, Steven, Irulan, Frank, Brynn and Trishelle for a new season which has them holed up in a Las Vegas hotel for two weeks. While everybody has pretty much grown up and trying to start careers, Arissa is taking a shot at hip-hop.

      For those that don’t remember, Arissa is the Black girl who appeared in Playboy alongside Trishelle after the season ended. And apparently Arissa is pretty serious about this hip-hop thing. She has about four tracks on her website , and gives an explanation of what is being heard.

      “What you are listening to is me raw and uncut in the studio,” she writes. “What usually happens is that when I write a freestyle to a beat (huh?), I am just trying to see if what I’m saying fits the music. Then I take it home and listen to it 2,000 in a row. See what needs to be tweaked, and go back to the studio and redo it.”

      She been staying in Las Vegas and working within that local hip-hop scene. She’s hoping to add video and more music to her website in the near future. You be the judge.

  • astrogreen

    Wow. I have officially seen and heard it all.