By: Rizoh

      In the latest issue of Playboy magazine, Mariah Carey again denies ever being romantically involved with rapper Eminem. Mimi goes as far as claiming that Em is oddly obsessed with her.

      “Something’s clearly askew with him and I’m not quite sure what it is,” Carey told Playboy. “I just heard something else he recently said about me. I’m curious as to why he’s so obsessed with me. I never got an apology letter, by the way. Then again, I wasn’t exactly searching my mailbox for it.”

      Mariah has always denied the rumors of a romance between them, but Eminem begs to differ. He has played personal phone messages from Mariah Carey at his concerts. The messages reportedly feature Mariah begging for Eminem to return her calls.

      In related news, Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Mathers recently dished some dirt to ABC’s 20/20 about the blonde rapper. Kim revealed that the major cause of their divorce was infidelity, stating that she couldn’t count how many times Eminem had cheated on her.