By: Rizoh

      As if spending a night in jail for allegedly throwing hair glue and spitting at a beauty shop employee, Foxy Brown might soon be facing more drama. Hayssam Ghoneim, the victim of Brown’s spit-spewing assault, has threatened to sue the rap drama queen for the incident.

      Ghoneim recently told the New York Post that he hopes to pay off his mortgage with whatever money he’s able to cough out of Fox Boogie. "She definitely has to pay for what she did – one way or another," he said.

      For the second time in three years, Foxy Brown faces criminal charges for a beauty parlor-related incident. The 27-year old femcee spent the night in jail last Thursday after she allegedly threw hair glue at Ghoneim and later swatted a police officer. She left jail Friday afternoon after a $1,500 bond was posted. Foxy’s now being charged with battery and resisting an officer with violence.

      Not to mention that she’s also on probation for assaulting two workers in a Chelsea nail salon back in 2004.

      You’d think Foxy would have learned to stay away from beauty shops by now.


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