|  March 17, 2009


OK so as this is my 1000th post I had to go back and check the stories/rumors/gossip/straight up weird shit I have brought you over the last eight months and try and summarize it in this one post…a pretty difficult task, but check it, I opted to hand out some awards of my own which I hope y’all appreciate it, because at the end of the day its you the readers that come back time and time again to read our IHipHop Superblog. These are awards do not reflect the opinions of any other person on the IH2 blog team, they are all down to me so if you disapprove, agree or want to comment you know how to do it.

Media Whore Award: Diddy. There is absolutely nothing this man won’t do to get the cameras flashing in his direction. Damn he ran a marathon for God’s sake sporting a Mr T mohawk so his video blogs and now his twitter TV are just a further extension of that Combs ego still trying to remain in the 97 spotlight. Any man who gives T Pain points off his album for ‘allowing’ him to use Autotune has money to burn.images

Shut Your Mouth Award: Kanye West. He has struggled with the criticism from fans and critics after his over indulgence with autotune on 808s and Heartbreak and his obsession with tight clothes and fashion so what does he do? He grabs hold of a chick that will have the media going nuts and takes her from continent to continent, showing her off and allowing her to get the ‘press’ rather than him. Great move Kanye, although gotta admit Amber Rose is a bit more pleasing on the eyes than the upper case letters you used to post your blogs in.

Excuses Excuses Award: Charles Barkley. For real the former NBA baller had the nerve to use head as an excuse for driving while under the influence, gotta love that. His three days in Tent City Jail out in AZ was one of the best PR campaigns ever with a huge press conference set up for the former Suns player. Go figure.

Alter-Ego Award: 50 Cent. Hate him or love him, that Pimpin Curly character is one of the best negative to positive spins I have seen in a while. Long may the beef between 50 and the runner up in this category, Rick Ross reign, Y’all know I over ran the story about Corrections Officer Ross a lil too much, but he was stoopid to think he would really get away with that. He tried but well we all know he failed dismally.

Baby Got Back Award: Angel ‘Lola’ Love. The Guess Who blog has continued to keep you guessing while bringing hot pics of hot gals within the entertainment world to IH2, but one chick that has always scored high has to be Lola Love. Her butt has been the focus of many men and women since swinging those hips onto the scene and it is only right she got a crack (pun intended) at this award.

Keepin it 100 Award: Khia. Man oh man if there is one chick I secretly admire for her mouth while the rest of y’all appear to focus on other parts of her body is down south rapstress Khia. Her advice column in Florida based Hood Magazine has always made me chuckle. her random blogs on myspace also are a great source of amusement as she obviously does not give a s*^t about what people think of her and her opinions…if only more people could be that real. Granted I don’t really care for her photogenic side and how she likes to be snapped but homegirl has a funny mouth on her. Check here to read her recent attack on Lisa Rayeimages-1

Payback is a Bi**h Award: This story brought tears to my eyes when I wrote it up. The pain of this woman’s husband cheating on her was just too much to bear so rather than sit and analyze where she went wrong like some women do, she set his pee-pee on fire making sure he wouldn’t do it again but things got out of control when he died from his injuries and $700,000 worth of damage was done to their home. Talk about a woman scorched scorned.

5 mins of Fame Award: This without a doubt goes to Hip-Hop’s favorite tell-all queen Karrine Steffans. This is the chick that all these groupies aspire to be like and yet never are. How many books have been attempted since she opened the flood gates with her Confessions of a Video Vixen back in 2005? Too many, but how many have achieved, dare I say, the success and notoriety that Superhead has..none. Even though the outline for her third book is possibly proof that her 5 mins of fame as an author might be up, this chick has milked her reputation for every single cent she has in her bank accounts, let’s just hope it is a lot.

Longest Walk to the Big House Award: TI. Is it just me or has this sentence of Clifford’s taken ages to commence? I feel like he has been walking that road to redemption for over a decade right about now. However he is set to start his one year and a day sentence at the end of this month.

RIP: The Hudson family, Issac Hayes, Bernie Mac, Jerry Wexler, DJ K Swift, Marquis Cooper, Cory Smith, Andre Young Junior, Nova Henry,
BUSTED: Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, DMX, Lil Boosie, DMX, Chris Brown, DMX, Jim Jones, D Brat, Coolio, Gucci Mane, Young Berg, N.O.R.E, Suge Knight
BOO BOOs: Rihanna, Tameka Foster-Raymond, Mistah Fab, Trina, Kenyon Martin, Crooked I, Trick Trick, Beyonce, Solange
CONGRATS: Erykah Badu, Jay Electronica, Nas, Kelis, Lil Wayne, Keyshia Cole, Kat Williams, Kelly Rowland, M.I.A, Jenna Jameson, Barack Obama, Tarji P Henson
FINANCIAL CRISIS: Young Joc, DMX, Scott Storch, Rick Ross, Young Buck, Fantasia, Fabolous, Larry Flynt
LIAR LIAR: Swizz Beats, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Cam’Ron, Game, Lupe.

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