I mean to be honest this number has to be higher.  13% of people may admit to doing the pretend to be hollywood on the cellphone trick, but many more do it in real life.  This is actually one of my biggest pet peeves about nightlife these days.  Sometimes I look up at the club/bar/lounge and it seems like 50% of people are just looking at their phones.  Come on ladies!  How am I supposed to trick you into having sex with me if your mug is occupied staring at your StruggleBerry?   Riddle me that riddlers…

Gawker: You know how when you’re at a party and you don’t know anyone, so you pretend to be texting all your cool friends about the famous exclusive club you’re all going to later? You’re not the only one.

According to a new Pew study about Americans and their cell phones, 13% of cell phone owners “pretend to be using their phone in order to avoid interacting with the people around them.”


  • tmef5

    i do that shit all the time

  • Bavery12

    i did that shit last friday.