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October 29, 2010

Marz Lovejoy’s beautiful voice, insightful lyrics and compelling persona are taking the music world by storm.  The elegant L.A. songstress and lyricist sits on the verge of a musical breakthrough with her debut EP, “This Little Light Of Mine.”  Featuring the buzz-worthy single, “Sticky,” This Little Light has quickly become one of the most anticipated releases of 2010.  The album cover (pictured above) features Marz’s freshest ink, while the rest of the album packaging includes some of Marz’s most personal tattoos from all over her body.

In this piece, Marz sits down to talk about the bubbling L.A. music scene, comparing it to New York in the ’90s.  One of a handful of youthful west-coast artists on the come-up, she is at the center of a movement at its boiling point.  She expresses her excitement about the groundswell of support and the crystallization of her efforts right before she rocks the stage at the iHipHop x FrankRadio CMJ 2010 showcase.  Undoubtedly, Marz Lovejoy’s music reflects that she is in fact the total package; brains, beauty, charisma and talent.


MARZ Lovejoy

This Little Light Of Mine” EP

1. Rump Shake

2. Love Bullet Gun

3. Sticky

4. Sick

5. Thank You

6. Just Go: Picasso Blue

7. Pinch Me

8. Sticky (Extended Mix) [iTunes Exclusive]

In Stores November 22nd

FrankRadio / iHipHop Distribution

  • balcktime

    great another light skin curly haired hippie lookin' no talent wanna be rapper..really though? there was nothing original about this girl..sorry, just my opinion. super boring!! come on HHG cover some better shit! smh.

  • iHipHop Sam

    Really nothing original about her? Name one, just one rapper she is like.

  • TheLL6

    most anticipated??? if u say so

  • MaddLeak

    Whats Really Good??

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  • Carlito Bragonti

    She sound like lady bug from digibal planets………..

  • Sangsung

    na her style sound like old lisa left eye x hipster

  • iHipHop

    yep = her style sound like old lisa left eye x hipster