Apparently Bow Wow enlisted Al-Qaeda Jada to overlook his lyrics on Who is Shad Moss: his next album. “Helping out” with Bow Wow’s writing could mean a lot of things: namely ghostwriting.  But at the same time this could be an opportunity for Jada to get some more shine if Bow Wow’s next album gets the right push.  Here’s what Bow had to say about his announcement.

“I have Jadakiss [on] board. Me and Jada, we’re gonna complete my whole entire album. I got Jada as the ambassador of my album. I did that because I wanted somebody who was well respected in Hip Hop to challenge me.”

It looks like Jada could put Bow Wow on to some techniques that could make him a better rapper. In the meantime I’ll just sit back and watch it all unfold. It seems like an awkward pairing at best. At any rate, rap has seen more bizarre duos than this that actually worked out. I guess it’s not too odd once you put it in perspective.

Via Hiphopdx