first of all, pause that song title all the way.
now, another moment in hip-hop weekday singles release history happened today. jay z, temporarily descended from his throne of art collecting and international-ing, blessed the people (those wicked ingrates) with a verse from on high. and it’s on drake’s new album. reasons why this is major…

5. stuff is a little tense between these two
hov’s all: ‘i had benzes before you had braces.’ and drake’s all: ‘these older rappers keep tryna Lil Bro me.’
tsssssssst. AH! slow down you guys. it’s getting a little heated in here.
it’s tough for drake because he’s such an eminently nice guy and hov only hops on songs like this to a) stay relevant to yet another generation of listeners b) to lavishly condescend that generation’s newest It Rapper. he did it on “Mr. Carter.” he did it on the “B#tch Don’t Kill My Vibe” remix. he did it on “Off That” and “Star Is Born” from the Blueprint III almost as if to spank j. Cole and drake for even thinking they might some day reach his level. the guy’s a jerk!
but can you blame him? his latest studio album came and went with little fanfare and somewhat of a ho-hum platinum notice that was expressly tied to a Samsung sponsorship deal. he’s got a family now. he spends a lot of time on a boat…or in a gallery…or smoking the green to relax from a hard life’s work. and these little upstart peons behemoths of the rap game keep trying to come at his erstwhile crown. it figures. no one EVER wanted to thank hov for what he did for ’em.
meanwhile drake is poised to drop a highly-anticipated (and by Billboard’s accounts) complete and complex album that damn near everyone 12 to 30-something will care about. and he’s not trying to hear all this ‘respect the older gawds’ nonsense when the older gawds ain’t even drop a dope verse on his album when paid to do so. pshh. far be it from drake to get all persnickety but would hov ever pay him the respect of putting together a string of four decent bars for his MAGNUM OPUS?!
judging by the track, guess not.

  • Ojay

    This was by far one of the dumbest entries i’ve ever wasted my life on… Please drew breeze or whatever your name is, if you have nothing intelligent to say just keep quiet. You don’t have to comment on everything.

  • Anonymous

    yea you’re right. i’ll shut up now. you should write the blogs.