|  April 7, 2009


All is inevitably not lost for 50 Cent who found himself out of a job late last month when Terry Crews replaced him in the up and coming Sly Stallone Expendables movie. The Queens rapper is said to be working along side Keifer Sutherland and Ellen Barkin (former wife of NYC multi-millionaire Ron Pearlman the name behind Revlon cosmetics) in a Joel Schumacher movie called Twelve. Schumacher is the man behind movies such as Phone Booth, 8MM and A Time to Kill. Twelve is said to commence shooting in NYC later this month with the movie heading for the silver screen in winter 2010.
In other 50 news, he and his suspected secret girl-friend Ciara were allegedly spending the night in a NYC hotel this past weekend. Not sure why this was headline news on many blogs yesterday, maybe I am missing something.