Damn Fif!  The guy won’t let Young Buck catch a break?  I’m actually not mad at 50’s lawyers swag.  Pretty much Young Buck is making some suspect claims on how he is supposedly going to generate revenue, and 50’s lawyers know the deal. Buck is pretending that he is touring and sh*t, but the lawyers want to see proof.  Young Buck is pretty much f*cked.  Just another example of a person who had no idea how to manage their money.

Sidebar:  All I know is that the possessions that the feds repossessed from Buck were hilarious.

According to The Wall Street Journal:

50 is fighting the debt-payment plan that his former protégée and later dueling partner, rapper Young Buck, submitted to the bankruptcy court ahead of a July 19 hearing. The objection, filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Nashville Monday, is the latest war of words between the rappers who famously duked it out in their song lyrics after a falling out.

50 says he wants to know just how Young Buck-who titled his debut solo studio album “Straight Outta Cashville”-is going to successfully manage his business affairs so that he can raise the revenue needed to pay off his creditors over the next five years, as his plan proposes.

At a recent questioning over Young Buck’s financial affairs, 50 Cent’s lawyers said the rapper “had trouble identifying where he had been on tour, who had booked his travel, how he had even gotten from one place to another.” This troubles creditors like 50 Cent, his lawyers wrote in court papers, because it raises the concern “as to whether any creditor can truly rely upon these claims and projections by the debtor.”

  • AdamF

    Typical Curtis.  Shows he is not a rapper or an actor but just someone how is playing the system.  And when when I hear 50 cent and protegee in the same sentence I have to laugh.  To Curtis YB was nothing but a another income stream for him.

  • guest

    adam pussy f you sound bitch

  • rapdu

    Says the person posting as Guest.