By: Rizoh

      "Oprah’s great. I just think the only misconception is that she’s a Black woman." Those were 50 Cent’s words backstage at "106 & Park" last Thursday, according to 50 added that Oprah has been catering to a demographic of middle-aged white women for so long that he now believes she’s a middle-aged white woman herself. You would recall that the G-Unit General spoke out against Oprah back in April, 2006, after word began to spread about the talk show host’s anti-hip-hop sentiments.

      Oprah will have a rapist on her show and have a discussion about why they do it, but won’t have a rags-to-riches story on her show," 50 quipped. He also had some harsh words about Kanye West’s appearance on the show. "She’ll have Kanye West on her show. I think middle America would rather have they kids be gay than have them aggressive."

      The verbal war against Oprah began after rapper/actor Ludacris complained that Oprah had been unfair to her during an appearance with his "Crash" co-stars on the talk-show. 50 Cent then joined the outcry saying that Oprah "caters to older white women." Oprah responded to 50’s outcry during a surprise appearance on Power 105.1 FM, stating that she even has 50 Cent’s "In da Club" on her iPod. "I listen to some hip-hop," she told DJ Ed Lover. "You know, I’ve been accused of not liking hip-hop and that’s just not true." She also shot down the anti-hip-hop rumor, citing Jay-Z and Kanye West as some of her favorite rappers.

  • Ms. Nic

    Oprah is full of it!

  • Terrorricks

    Dude , face it your DONE stop trying to get publicity for your camp. FUCK YO COUCH NIGGA!

  • Blasphemous

    Not a 50 fan, but BIG UP’S to the Gorilla-In-Charge for his astoundingly astute observances. He’s absotively, posilutely, correct.

  • spaceman314

    I was done with Oprah when she had them Hoes from Spellman on her show as a back up like “see, Other black women hate hiphop too” Aint nobody ever called them hoes hoes. Fuck black people who dont want to see hiphop SUCCEED because white people take everything from us and they about took that. A SUPER PULSATING Fuck you to 50 cuz that nigga does nothing good for hiphop or the image of black males. He makes us look Brass and Unruly and all about Money. And Lastly a fuck you to these idots who keep reporting these ridiculous comments and outlandish rants this emotional ass nigga has. he will never have another decent album just sell your water and go home man. really!who really cares if Buck and 50 are beefin. Im def not checkin for that battle record

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    Its sad when a man this rich needs more attention. Please relax and go spend that money that the fans gave you……..!!!!!

  • cripple2

    the hiphop artists she listens to are pop stars really, she dont listen to no AZ, JR writer etc…… as she is Oprah you would expect her to say “i like common, mos def, pharoh monch and some old skool cats”

  • Terrorricks

    Dude , face it your DONE stop trying to get publicity for your camp. FUCK YO COUCH NIGGA!