50 Cent has been pretty verbal about his relationships with his fellow competitors lately. He spoke on his friendship, or lackthereof, with Jay-Z and on the first episode of MTV’s Funk Flex Full Throttle, 50 spoke with Flex about his beef with Jadakiss and Diddy.

He worked to mend some of the bad blood he had with other artists because he felt as though it was necessary. He also explains that the root of his beef with Jadakiss (which I’m sure, in retrospect, he regrets) was never personal.

In the show, he explains:

Some of it is Hip Hop. It’s just the competitive nature of the art form. Like with Jadakiss’ situation, that was just Rap. I don’t have a reason [to beef]. When you look back at it, when two years go by, and you say, ‘Why don’t I like them?’ And you can’t remember why, then you know it’s Rap.”

The conversation took an obvious turn to his bad blood with Diddy, which started from his lyrics in “How To Rob,” and his comments regarding his love for Notorious B.I.G., sans Diddy. Diddy responded to the attacks by says cracks about his breath, his ashyness and that 50 is a “hating ass crab.” All in all, Diddy and 50 seem to be on good terms now and 50 even confirmed on the episode by saying:

I’m not upset with [Diddy] at all,” he said smiling, adding that they speak on the phone from time to time. “He’ll call me like, ‘What’s the next move, playboy? Why I feel like you doing this?’ And I’m like, ‘Nah, nah, it ain’t nothin’.‘”

Now you’d be a fool to think, this verbal activity isn’t geared towards promoting his upcoming album, which he is supposed finishing up. He definitely spoke of his wanting to work with his former rival, Kanye West. He explains, “I recorded a whole album before this one that I kept…Because I want to make sure it’s completely up to my standards. I’m critiquing myself.”