By: Rizoh
      Fresh off the launch of his G-Unit books novella, 50 Cent, is coming right back with a line of…wait for it…condoms!! Fiddy is set to release his own new line in condoms and sex toys, and even plans to create vibrators that looks just like him.
      As part of his safe sex campaign, 50 will donate a part of the proceeds from the condom sales to HIV awareness. You may recall that the G-Unit rapper first made his intentions known in an earlier GQ interview where he disclosed, "I need to make a motorized version of me. A motorized version of me will definitely have to be waterproof, so you could utilize it in the tub. A lot of them (vibrators) aren’t waterproof."
      In related news, a screenplay has been written for the G-Unit book "Ski Mask Way," and plans are in place to shoot the movie next summer.

  • shadwifey

    hes out of line how much will they cost 50 cents

  • Bad Influence

    My yute, Get a bloodcl**t life nuh. Ha ha – “Most [dildos] aren’t waterproof” – well i guess fiddy would know, heh heh

  • Tima

    This nigga is really doing his thing. What happen to my use-2-B man. Damn i think you when you got shot the REAL 50 that I remember got lost. Well good LUck. (lmao)

  • Diab1o(623)

    I only like 50 for get rich or die tryin’. The CD. NOT THE MOVIE. After that lp he’s gon 2 SHIT

  • thekidquan

    lol smart man