|  December 23, 2008

words of war

We all listened last month when Wayne dissed 50 on a track with Lil Boosie called I’m an Animal, LISTEN HERE if you missed out. Well in true Curtis Jackson style it appears that the master of all beefs is gearing up to go to war with Lil Wayne after sitting back and waiting for his camp to admit to the alleged leak, which they haven’t. Of course we all know the shots Curtis has taken at Weezy over the years, words such as homosexual and whore have been nouns used when referring to Wayne, who knows what will be next. “It doesn’t matter if it’s (the track) old or not. Now I know how you feel. I’ll leave it like it is right now and wait till I’m comfortable and then I’ll do what I do,” said 50 Cent in a recent interview….obviously a new marketing campaign for BISD is ready to be launched.

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/Sista06 Sista061

    50 needs to retire somewhere he only gets ppl hyped ova beef

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/uncanny13 uncanny133

    two motherfuckers so fucking played out it doesnt even matter anyone even pay attention to this shit… how the fuck people feel lil wayne i will never understand

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/Showercurtain Eastside Goblin

    lil wayne is truth no body fuckin wit him nobdoy so fifty need to sit his pie ass down somewhere cause he cant beef wit wayne he will get murdered in this rap shit street wise maybe not but rap game aint body fuckin wit wayne……….shout to gucci grandhustle psc trill fam and the mia movement