50 Wifes Up A Mermaid?

 |  June 7, 2011

So turns out 50 Cent’s new girlfriend is one of the sexy mermaids in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. The pair were spotted on the beach in Mexico recently, having a sexy bikini photo shoot type thing. Fiddy looks a happy man, and so he should, seeing as his boo – who goes by the name of Daphne Joy Narvaez – seems on the classier side of model chick scale. Narvaez, of both Filipino and Puerto Rican descent, has appeared in some men’s mags and websites, and also did some video work when she appeared in Neyo’s ‘Miss Independent’. Check out the mermaid photo below: she’s the one on the far right. Seeing as she’s in a blockbuster now I just wonder if this relationship will last after she gets a look at Fiddy’s latest movie offering. Spotted at MI.