Every few years, there is a shift within a genre that meets the public’s ire or adoration (usually in equal parts). Drake represents a shift in hip-hop towards a spacious sound-scape and nakedly expressive emoting.

His album listens like a grand Status Message, and navigates experiences often relegated to the “exception not the norm” category in hip-hop, namely lost love and doubt. We felt it was only right to sit with this album as a discussion piece, and hash out just what the effect of the Drake-over means for the music form as a whole.

8 Questions is an e-mail exchange between ihiphop writers drewbreez and Dan Troisi. Each has a distinct take on NWTS and the cultural significance of the album. This is dedication expressed through letters.

  • Brenda

    This shit causing PROBLEMS for rappers everywhere http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZZPazxsQXk

  • enigma

    I think that he’s going after Kendrick. All these talk about Kendrick’s Control verse got him pretty riled up. I am sure Drake won’t be able to resist fighting back.

  • bonja

    Dan, did you just say Drake’s music is great???

  • bonja


  • Dan

    I did.

  • beanbag

    Great 8 questions you guys! Looking forward to more!

  • bonja


  • Dan

    No? Calling Drake’s music “great” is my opinion. Why, in your opinion, is that not an accurate assessment?

  • opportunity

    Drake is a user, once he found that Wayne no longer serves his s4it, he moves on to find another to leech from.

  • bonja

    not here to argue. it’s just that i would have expected you would be calling it as it is. drake would be good, and i am being generous with that. but in light of other songs and albums coming out, some without a major label backing, it makes you think twice. not a drake hater, really, i’ve enjoyed drizzy’s songs.

  • Dan

    Not arguing, just debating. That’s what this forum is for. All debates are welcome and strongly encouraged.

    While yeah there is a lot of good independent hip-hop out there, not sure what that has to do with Drake.

  • 2013

    40 should really expand his horizons. Drake knows he’s got a good thing going there and he’s gonna keep 40 for as long as he could.