99 PROBLEMS ….again

 |  July 2, 2008

Jigga What…JIgga Who

After the sun comes the rain right…well looking that way for Jay Z. His 99 Problems might have re-entered the singles charts again this week after his performance at Glastonbury this past weekend but his staff at the 40/40 Club in NYC are still bitching and moaning that the Jigga Man isn’t going to be nominated for Employer of the Month any time soon. But I gotta say this, the wait staff and everyone are complaining that they have to work for tips, but isn’t that the case in all NYC restaurants anyway. Working for an A Lister doesn’t mean A List wages folks..obviously. Anyhow this isn’t the first time people have been screaming on Jay about the wages down there, but remember Jay is not really the owner, he is just one of the money men involved when the shit hits the fan 🙂