A Day In The Life: Jim Jones

 |  March 31, 2010

I was on checking out the Boom Box when I saw this and thought it was ill. Watch Jimmy hit the streets with his hot new mixtape The Ghost Of Rich Porter. Jim visits the barbershop, Juice Bar and hits the harlem streets in promoting his new music.

“This mixtape is the best way to prove my point to everybody that Harlem go hard, nah mean…. New York City is in our veins and this is what we do. It’s been cold for New York and it’s been cold on the streets. The music that we been hearing haven’t been reflecting the streets, haven’t been reflecting the hustle or the consequences that come with the hustle. So this was big for me, this was big for the streets, this is big for my team. It’s like a brand new beginning for us. We’re starting from the bottom up.” Jim Jones