Bronson was a guest this week on the Food Is The New Rock podcast with Zach Brooks and Chuck P, and he revealed that he has a cannabis cookbook in the works. “It’s already in the works. It’s very serious. Recipes, all kind of things. It’s going to be very visual, a coffee table book, with recipes here and there,” he explains.

Below, he summarizes his recipe for weed infused Bucatini.

“I extract my weed, put it in olive oil. You can do a little fresh heirloom tomato sauce, some basil, maybe a little arugula in there. It [turns] a very very deep olive oil color. Not green, more like golden. You make a nice little light sauce, shave some parmigiana. But you gotta eat it first thing in the morning before you eat anything else. Fucking trashed.”

Listen to the full podcast here.