Perpetually baked rapper Afroman is reportedly being sued for missing an Ohio concert date because he simply forgot.  Afroman was scheduled to perform in Columbus, Ohio, but inexplicably missed the performance.  “We set a date and signed a contract. I even sent the deposit to Afroman himself, right away. They must have just forgotten about our show,” said Nathan Pettry, a concert promoter for the venue ‘Fro was set to play.

The timing of this lawsuit couldn’t be any more comical, as the paperwork was filed on the weed-enthusiast holiday of 4/20.  “The irony of the filing date of this lawsuit is not lost on me. I went to college” said Matt Crumpton, one of the Plaintiffs’ attorneys.  He continued, “Afroman’s representative and I have had discussions about this case and my clients and Afroman’s representatives do not agree about the facts. Since Afroman is not willing to settle, we decided that there was no reason to delay filing.”

On paper, Afroman’s music doesn’t appear different than most rappers, as he confines his lyrics strictly to the subjects of weed, booze, and women.  However, ‘Fro’s music has a novelty appeal and most of it is genuinely comical (I mean he’s released a Christmas album and his latest project is titled Frobama: Head Of State).  It’s a shame Columbus residents didn’t have a chance to see Afroman because in all honesty, he’s one of the best rappers I’ve seen live and he unbelievably kills it on the double-neck guitar at his shows.