By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      It’s been six years since R&B superstar, Maxwell, dropped his last album Now and fans have been eagerly anticipating new music. Last year the singer announced that 2007 would see new music and would be giving fans a new single last fall and his new album on Valentine’s Day eve. Later on, Maxwell then announced that the album wouldn’t be ready by Valentine’s Day Eve and promised that he would give up a single instead. As fans staked out his website, the day came and went with no new music.

      “We were mixing it and it got so late and yeah well better safe than sorry,” Maxwell posted on his blog at 2-something in the morning Valentine’s Day. “I’d still be in there today but we been on these records for four weeks straight with no break and well the technicians needed love time with they girl-friendz and/or wifeyz n such.
      To anyone out there still pissed about the delay, hey, my bad. i’m not happy about it TRUST…not a happy valentine but lots of love is focused into what I hope will open your heart’s very, um, eh, uh…soon?”

      The next three years will see three new albums from Maxwell as part of trilogy called Black Summer’s Night. The 2007 album still has no firm release date, but don’t hold your breath. Black Summer’s Night was announced in 2003 and originally scheduled for a 2004 release. Keep your eye on his website, MUZE.