You would think Dame Dash might be able to catch a break right? Turns out his wife of four years and mother to his two daughters, Rachel Roy has filed for divorce it has been reported. Dash has suffered one loss after another since his and Jay Z’s highly publicized break up. There are more than enough people looking for money from the once super mogul with the threat of foreclosure hanging over property and unpaid bills to various people all over the tri-state.
Let’s hope his association with Jimmy Jones proves lucrative. The divorce is expected to be settled quite quickly…probably because Rachel Roy knows there is no money to fight over.

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/Troy_L King Troy

    At the end of the day Damon Dash is a smart man. He has had to deal with alot of rough things lately. But I am sure that He will bounce back.

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/hove141 Rico 141

    i agree with king troy harlem stand up

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/kathvoss kalm_bomb

    adversity can bring up a man…or….could bring him down.