Akon Throws A Kid Off Stage

 |  June 5, 2007

By: Rizoh

      After all the hullabaloo over Akon’s simulated sex act with an underaged female fan, he had the Internet going nuts again when a clip of his K-Fest performance surfaced on the web. In the video, the Senegalese-American singer is seen addressing the crowd about his first trip to the United States, when a fan suddenly throws an object (rumored to be a piece of pretzel) onstage.  Akon paused his speech and asked the crowd to point out the assailant.

"Come on everybody. point him out, point him out," he said. After identifying the boy, Akon instructed one of his bodyguards to "go get ’em. Bring him on stage."

      Akon then picked up the fan who allegedly threw an object onto the stage and hurled him right back into another section of the crowd. Two police officers who were standing nearby didn’t try to intervene.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW  , CLICK HERE TO VIEW FROM A DIFFERENT ANGLE