Akon x Big Meech x Time Is Money

 |  May 9, 2011

The intro to this song is awesomely ironic.  Big Meech’s commentary is on point.  The only thing is that he starts off the song talking about how “This Big Meech from the richest black motherf*cking gang in the world“.  It’s just ironic because he is talking about how dudes with money don’t have time.  But last time I checked Big Meech has nothing but time because he’s going to be in a box for the next twenty years due to the brazen arrogance in how he ran his criminal enterprise.  Secondly did Big Meech really run the biggest black gang in the world?  There are some crazy Nigerian criminal organizations that may disagree with him.  Finally does Akon having Big Meech on his track make him a tough guy because I’m pretty sure that is the whole point of this song.

Akon ft Big Meech “Time Is Money”



  • DoinMeEnt

    Akon makes music with everybody and some are consider real cats so what does having Big Meech on here, have to do with him being tough?! I guess he was acting tough when he “Locked Up” or “I Tried” smdh….to me he's reaching out and may have been real cool with Meech, knowing how it feels to be behind the walls?!!