By: Rizoh

      The self-appointed morality watchdog that is Rev. Al Sharpton is still working hard to hunt down and bring dirty hip-hop lyrics to justice.

      Sharpton has now taken his campaign against dirty rap lyrics to Motown, with hopes of collecting thousands of bar soaps as symbols of the effort.

      Just because he’s busy railing against hip-hop doesn’t mean that Sharpton has ditched his anti-N-word campaign.

      “The 1960s were the Motown sound and James Brown,” Sharpton said, while standing before the museum, which includes the former Motown Records studio. “But they did not call us the ‘N’ word and they did not degrade women.”  So, why hold this campaign in Detroit?

      Contrary to what you may think, Sharpton didn’t pick the Detroit because they made it to the NBA Eastern conference finals before getting their behinds whipped by Cleveland. The Rev. explained that he chose to promote his campaign in the “D” because NAACP leaders also plan to hold a faux funeral for the “N” word at the group’s July convention in the city.

      As of press time, there was no word on the fate of those bar soaps.