dash-article-cover_phixrThe Big Apple might have faltered in recent years when it comes to being the leader of the pack Hip-Hop-wise, but that doesn’t mean that the greatest city in the world stopped breeding top thoroughbred MC’s from its stables (AKA the five boroughs).

Right now one of its studs has been steadily making his way around the track, while lapping others in the process.

With his latest project Rap Burglar 2.5, Long Island MC Dashah [Click to read interview] comes into a game, which is heavily suffocated by repetitiveness, and stands out more than Kim Kardashian in the middle of Harlem wearing a pair of booty shorts.

Getting the seal of approval from Ill Insanity (formerly known as the X-Ecutioners), Rap Burglar 2.5 is filled with the recognizable sounds that once flowed through the city in its heyday.

Starting from the beginning, Dashah follows a scratch-oriented intro by Ill Insanity with Hip-Hop morsels like ‘Return Of The Rap Burglar, and the piano-driven ‘Thought Y’all Knew.

On ‘Inkaholik pt. 3, Dashah goes into the lost art of concept rhyming, and refers to his pen as his girlfriend, “I’m a keep going as long was I’m with her/she stand out/even more when she glitter/last dude she was with used to hit her/chokin’ her when he writin’/his breath reek of liquor/I’m the one that gives her orgasms/she gotta strong back/its getting’ more spasms/she’s more than a plastic vixen/she been in the hands of mathematicians.”

From there, he shows off his descriptive storytelling ability on songs like ‘Karma,’ ‘The Promoter,’ ‘Sittin On The Train,’ ‘Reflection (remix),and the personal growing pains of ‘Fly Away’; while getting back into full MC attack mode on ‘Above The Clouds,’ ‘360,’ and, ‘My Notebook.

Throughout an album which has 19 tracks, it’s nearly impossibly finding a song not worthy of listening to from start to finish.

Another point is the fact that the project is stamped with a parental advisory warning, but swears are almost nonexistent on the album; as Dashah opts to go with the trillions of words the English language has to offer—as opposed to recycling the same 4-5 curses that flood the majority of other artists’ albums.

The bulk of Hip-Hop may not live in New York anymore, but with Dashah’s Rap Burglar 2.5, hopefully she’ll starting looking for vacancies and move back home some time in the future, and if she does, its because lyrical landlords like Dashah are offering more than adequate housing…

Rating: 4.0


  • http://www.ihiphop.com/partypeep partypeeps

    I’ve never heard of this guy before, but what you said made him interesting. I wonder what his descriptive storytelling is like.

  • http://www.ihiphop.com/Serge_Fleury Serge Fleury
  • http://www.ihiphop.com/jaemee j.cai

    Reflection is actually a great hook. I probably just listened to half of the album. It isn’t great, but it can manage. it’s takeable. although, i have yet to hear the rest.