del-article_phixrWith music sales not being what they once were, and people holding on to their wallets like it was their first born, veteran MC Del The Funky Homosapien offers his assistance by releasing Funk Man (The Stimulus Package).

Initially thought to be the typical release that’s available for purchase, the Oakland native decided to make it tangible [Click here for download (Below Hell Rell)] for everyone to obtain a copy of it.

The Hieroglyphics affiliate and cousin of West Coast legend Ice Cube exhibits his cosmic flow and individuality throughout the project, with songs like ‘King Of Fighters, I’m Smellin’ Myself, ‘Go Against The Grain, the solid ‘Young Adrenaline,and ‘News Alert’ being at the forefront.

‘Simple Satisfaction’ can easily be considered as the strongest record on the project with the production being a little tamer than the other songs on the album.

With an even calmer Del hosting the track, doesn’t for get to show off his diction, “Counterfeit/bought over the counter sh*t/I got thousands of scripts/from down in the pit/deep underground where the system cranks/causin’ earthquakes/you heard it reverberate.”

Del further proposes his stimulus package with offerings like the slow and drawn-out  ‘Sometimes I Gotta Get Stupid,the distorted instrumentation of ‘Straight From The Big Bad West Coast,and ‘Hardcore Punks Can’t Take It.

Releasing Funk Man (The Stimulus Package) as a “free-be” is a good gesture by an artist who’s already created his fan base over the years, and has nothing more to prove to an industry that’s he’s been a part of since the early 90’s. With that said, the project’s only flaws are his few choices of production.

Some tracks fit right into his flow pattern, while other tracks fall flat leaving his lyricism to carry the load, when it should be a 50/50 deal. Good lyrics and solid beats equal a great album, but in the case of Funk Man (The Stimulus Package), Del only manages to keep up the vocal part of the bargain…

Rating: 3.0