jah-article_phixrEvery single person was put on earth for a reason, and Reggae star Jah Cure [Click to read Jah Cure interview] was put here for the sole purpose of making music—period.

The singer who has drawn close comparisons to Bob Marley brings his signature raspy voice back the forefront with is latest album, The Universal Cure.

Filled with his typical soothing material that is used to calm you spirit rather than make you want to “dutty wine,” the man born as Siccature Alcock assures the world that traditional Reggae is still alive and well.

Covering all aspects of life that everyone can relate to, whether they’re rich or poor, Jah Cure channels the legend of Bob Marley himself as he covers the classic song ‘Burning & Looting.

From there, he joins forces with fellow kindred spirits Mavado, and Junior Reid for ‘Hot Long Time’ (which also features an unneeded appearance by Flo Rida).

Then Jah Cure uses songs like ‘Reflection’ to discuss his time spent incarcerated, while wishing to go back in time so he can become a better person.

The remainder of the album stays with the same tone with songs like ‘Luv On A 2 Way Street,’ ‘My Life,’ ‘Freedom,’ ‘Sufferation,’ ‘Journey,’ and ‘Universal Cure,’ being used to cleanse the impurities from your body, while also serving as life lessons with their comforting melodies and hooks to match.

In this fast-paced world of instant hits that end up leaving no substance to follow, it’s always refreshing to know that sometimes the simpler things in life can still have a huge impact, and Jah Cure’s The Universal Cure album is certainly a true testament to that… Jah Bless…

Rating: 4.0