9th Wonder might not be producing whole albums for the soon-to-be defunct Little Brother anymore, but that hasn’t stopped him constructing entire projects for his West Coast buddy MURS, as they embark on another musical journey with Fornever.

This album, (which happens to be their fourth together) shares the same elements as their past work: One producer along with limited features.

9th Wonder’s patented snare drums are riddled all over the 10-track offering with the title song of ‘Fornever’ (feat. Kurupt) starting things off, with the North Carolina native laying his soulful feel on it.

From there, MURS pays homage to the women of the far East with ‘Asian Girl,’ which leads right into the relationship drama of ‘Let Me Talk.’ 9th Wonder then incorporates quirky sound effects to conjure up ‘Cigarettes And Liquor,’ as MURS breaks down how every nationality has those two things in common.

MURS then goes back on the subject of his trials and tribulations with the opposite sex with ‘Vikki Veil,’ where this time his main squeeze happens to be a porn star; all behind the mellow backdrop provided by his soundman.

One of the down points of the album is their remake of Common’s classic of ‘I Used To Love H.E.R.’ as they flip it with ‘I Used To Luv Her (Again)’ with a different beat, as MURS recites Common’s lyrics. A good gesture, but in essence songs like those should be left alone and untouched.

The duo then wrap up their latest opus with the jazzy feel of ‘Live From Roscoe’s (feat. Kurupt), the descriptive G-Funk influenced ‘West Coast Cinderella,’ and ‘The Problem Is.’

As aforementioned, 9th Wonder might not be making tunes for the original group he came into the game with, but that hasn’t hindered his ability to mold a specific sound for an artist, and MURS takes full advantage of that, as any quality MC would.

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Rating: 3.5