naledge-2_phixrFor those unaware, the Chicago Picasso is a 50ft. tall sculpture designed by Pablo Picasso himself, that’s located in the downtown area of Chicago, Illinois.

On another note, it’s also the name of the latest project by Naledge [Click for interview] from Kidz In The Hall.

Considered to be a mixtape, Naledge’s version of the historical work of art includes other artists such as Rhymefest, Curren$y [Click for album review] Bun B, Mickey Factz, Jay Electronica, and GLC.

Even though it’s a Naledge-driven project, Kidz In The Hall’s beat specialist, Double-O does contribute a couple of tracks to the cause.

Hosted by DJ Timbuck2, RTC, and Mick Boogie, Naledge gets his creative juices flowing with solid introduction songs like ‘In My Own World’ and the horn-oriented ‘Standing On Sofas.’

Fellow Chicagoan Rhymefest, makes his appearance on ‘Focus,’ and they both show just why Chicago has become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Hip-Hop:

Naledge: Naledge hotter than Texas, and rockin’ two sweaters/known to ruffle more than a few feathers/cocky as I wanna be/booshie as you think I am/Barack Obama, Langston Hughes, and KRS in one man/one plan, take my seat on the throne/over-the-top star, like Sylvester Stallone/rhyme style, Mint Condition/look into my pretty brown eyes/you can see the evolution of the Chi.”

Rhymefest: “You’s a b*tch n*gga/you’d rather fight hoes/you ain’t no better than them cameras on that light pole/nowadays n*ggas bang together/in the 60’s, would sang together/30 years before that/we gather round the tree, and hang together/before that, we could change the weather/we had a whole language based around drums dawg/now I carry my .38, cause n*ggas only fluent in gun talk.”

He further keeps it close to home with ‘Southside Sh*t’ featuring G.O.O.D. Music signee, GLC. Kidz In The Hall in its entirety comes together on ‘Cleveland Freestyle,’ which finds Naledge having lyrical fun behind Double-O’s picture-perfect beat.

One of the strongest records on the project shows up on the jazzy soundscape of ‘Lovin’ My Life.Over the smooth and melodic backdrop, Naledge takes full advantage to tell people just how much he does indeed loves his life:

“I feel better than I ever been/fresh off tour, like I never went/Gucci shades look cooler than a peppermint/and I know it’s not relevant/but I just felt like tellin’ it/if dope was a crime/I confess, no evidence/I ain’t just a client, I’m the president/go ill where I’m from/so I represent/a couple other n*ggas set a precedent/so I hope you like the chapter in my testament.”

The MC from Chi-Town continues to paint images with songs like the drum-heavy ‘Round And Round,’ the soulful blend of ‘The Beat Goes On,’ the trials and tribulations of relationship drama in ‘Crazy,’ and the fast-paced ‘Cool Relax’ (feat. Jay Electronica).

Whether you’re listening to ‘Star Struck,’ ‘Blessed By God, or ‘Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous,’ there’s really no place to go wrong, as all of the songs on the project are well-worth listening to over and over again.

Proving that his lyrical dexterity can survive outside of the realm known as Double-O production,” the title of Chicago Picasso is a fitting one—because his ability to survive on numerous canvases shines throughout…Cop the album here.

Rating: 3.5