If you know your Hip-Hop history, then chances are that you’re aware of Snoop Dogg claiming Long Beach, California as the place that helped to make him the man that he is now.

But if you dig a little deeper, then you’ll soon realize that lyricist Sareem Poems also calls Long Beach home.

After releasing his latest project Black & Read All Over earlier this year, the West Coast native returns with a deluxe edition of the record, (which is a digital release only, and contains all album instrumentals and five remixes).

For those familiar with the original project, songs like ‘Lower The Boom’ (feat. Pigeon John & Akil) make its way back, with a handful of different versions.

Also, new contributions like ‘Rude Awakening’ and ‘I Want To Know’ are added as bonus tracks, (with instrumentals) to an already solid body of work from an artist who epitomizes versatility.

As aforementioned, if you already possess the first version of Black & Read All Over, this version will also be a nice fit to your collection.

But if you’re just hearing about Sareem Poems for the first time, then Black & Read All Over Deluxe Edition will prove to be a good starting block to learn about an artist who truly believes in perfecting his craft.

Rating: 4.0