After stealing the show on Nelly’s hit single “Grillz”, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Ali & Gipp keep the chemistry moving with their new album, Kinfolk. Ali (a member of Nelly’s St. Lunatics) and Gipp (founding member of Dungeon Family and Goodie Mob) have tapped Nelly, Bun B, Cee-Lo, Three 6 Mafia, David Banner, Juvenile and others to contribute to the album.
      "Gipp and I clicked instantly because we’re both leaders of our respective collectives and because neither of us likes to talk too much," Ali said. "So when we say we gonna do a record together, we actually do a record together. We got along from the jump. I went to college in Atlanta, and I’d see the Goodie MOB perform. Years later we’d meet through industry travels. Then in 2003 I was in LA recording the Sweat and Suit album with Nelly, and Gipp was there for some movie business. I called him and said, ‘Come holler at us.’ We did a song together called "Butterfly Doors" [included on Kinfolk] and we loved it, everybody loved it, so from that point on we were just like, let’s do a whole album together."
      The album drops on December 12 and Gipp promises that the album won’t be your run-of-the mill hip-hop album.
"We’ve always believed hip-hop was an innovative culture," Gipp said "A culture where, instead of doing what people around you are doing, you take it to another level every time.”

  • Mississippi Mike

    This will be a tight album, its good to see Bigg Gipp back at it.