By: Rizoh

      If you’re wondering why we haven’t heard from Alicia Keys lately (Smokin’ Aces doesn’t count), it’s because she’s hard at work on her new album. In a recent blog entry, Keys writes that she’s “lost in the music” and finds songwriting therapeutic.

      “I’m sitting here lost in the music. Realizing how much I love the process of making an album. It’s like my own personal time, where I’m actually allowed and encouraged even to really delve as deep as I can go down inside the trappings of myself and discover the deepest covered emotional baggage…and dig it out!” We hear ya.

      Keys later adds that she’s just finished recording a song titled “Super Woman.”

Thank goodness, R&B music is about to get interesting again.




  • dreadklove

    yo sis bless us !!

  • Carlito_Bragonti2


  • Tima

    I hear that fo sure. Mz. Keys I have to give it up to you Your fans are ready for ya! Do ya thing just make it hot!! Tima

  • Ziplok

    This girl blesses all mankind with just being here. Thank you MISS.!!!! Girl always brings the best. Payola or no Payola.