Allen Iverson Signs With 76ers

 |  December 2, 2009

iversonjordanAllen Iverson is returning to Philadelphia to (presumably) finish his career as a 76er.  After retiring last week following an 11th hour change of heart from former-suitors the Knicks, “The Answer” has come out of retirement to help his former franchise fill a guard spot on their roster.  While many believed that Iverson and the 76ers left on bad terms that resulted in his trade to Denver in 2006, Lou Williams‘ 2-months long injury created a hole in the roster that was perfect for A.I. to fill.  Iverson is a legendary 76er, holding multiple team records such as the highest scoring average (28.1), second most points all time (19,583) and most 3-pointers (877). He made the All-Star team seven times, led the league in scoring for times, and won the All-Star game MVP twice while in a 76ers uniform.  Below is a highlight reel of Iverson in his rookie season against the Bulls, in what will forever be known as the Iverson-MJ game.  He may have had no respect, but Iverson was as dope as any player ever with that cross over move.  Enjoy.