The man who came into the NBA back in 1996 as the first overall pick, with two years of Georgetown University experience under his belt, known for his crossover [dribble], (Can you spell J-O-R-D-A-N?), while helping to introduce the “then-wholesome” league to cornrows entered practice this All-Star Weekend without something; HIS HAIR!!!

That’s right, basketball superstar/every girl’s imaginary baby-daddy Allen Iverson did away with the very hairstyle he helped make famous. “I wanted to do something different,” said the 13-year pro, (now 33-years-old). The braids might be gone, but they’re not forgotten because the shooting guard plans on sending the locks of hair to his mom as a keepsake; (and the entire female population is probably praying that it ends up on eBay one of these days).

Plus he also stated that now with the shorter hair, he’s able to sleep an extra hour, because he doesn’t have to wake up early in order to get it done… So with the extra rest he’ll now be taking advantage of, he should have a lot more energy come “PRACTICE” time…