Alley Boy Denies Setting Yung L.A. Up

 |  May 19, 2011


So Alley Boy finally speaks on the whole setting Yung L.A. up, kicking his a$$, and then sending the video to Worldstar debacle with The Fader:

What really happened in all this mess with Young L.A.? Of course, I’ve seen the video of you fighting him. Is the fight real? Who filmed it and was it planned?

It’s real, you know. I didn’t really want to talk about it, but it’s whatever, I don’t even care cause I wanna get it behind me. L.A. disrespected me. And it wasn’t about the tattoo at all. What happened in the video, that wasn’t a set up. I just so happened to be there and he came over there. He’s coming out of a bathroom. He knew I was there. I saw him when he went in the bathroom, that’s when I was like, “He must think we cool.” So I was like, Imma beat this motherfucker’s ass. So I had a friend of mine record it, since [Yung L.A.] wanna talk shit on World Star or whatever. So I’m like, Record this—when he come out this bathroom I’m gonna beat his ass. My buddies, they knew about it, but it wasn’t no thing planned. It was nothing like that. Period. I was just like, Imma a beat his ass for talking his shit to me. They didn’t really want me to do it. But I was like, I don’t care, he disrespected me. L.A. saying I asked him to take the logo out his face and he put a video out on World Star saying, “Fuck what they said. I got goons behind me.” Oh really? You really gonna go there with me, and you know me? There was more behind it all than the tattoo, that’s what it was.

I mean this is bullsh*t.  He definitley set Yung up, but who cares.  I’m not mad at Alley for setting him up or for kicking the dudes ass.  Mr. L.A. is clearly a lunatic and maybe an a$$ beating is what dude needed.  I just think it’s corny that Alley snitched on himself by filming it, sent a whole edited video with an intro to worldstar, and then snitches on himself again in interviews.  However, I’m not mad at Alley’s music.  Plus that Trouble character who is part of Duct Tape Ent is pretty entertaining as well.  It just seems like Alley is official tissue, and it’s weak to me that he used that characteristic as a premeditated marketing scheme.