So I haven’t been getting too caught up in the politics of this Alley Boy vs Yung LA beef.  Pretty much I get the vibe that Yung LA is on some serious drugs and disconnected from reality.  Who gets someone elses logo tattooed on their face for god sake?

Now I understand why Alley Boy feels disrespected.  He obviously presents himself as a real deal Holyfield street dude, and he feels he needs to maintain that reputation.   To be honest maybe hip-hop needs that element of rappers just punching each other in the face in the game again.  Because this p*ssy a$$ hair-metal/vanilla ice cream phase in hip-hop is getting old.   However, when real “G’s” take care of business do they film it, make a montage viral video, and send it to Worldstar?  Where they do that at?  Alley is snitching on himself, and it’s not a good look.  He could have easily touched LA up sans camera, and word would have gotten around town.  Because on a national level I don’t think people really care about Duct Tape entertainment.  That’s not a shot.  I actually f*ck with dudes music.  It just came off a little thirsty.  That being said I’m talking about Alley Boy right now, and in hip-hop bad publicity really is good publicity.



  • zoe nigga

    yung la pussy
    take dat nigga to war

  • travolta007

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  • DoinMeEnt

    yung la betta go get dem Grand Hustle niggas…where Dro, Mac Boney, and Kuntry King at?! but they jumped him!!