Amber Rose is doing her thing by basically doing nothing, she made her first appearance to Atlanta this past weekend and you would have thought the pope was coming to town! I hear there was complete Mayhem outside of the club and folks were paying over 50 bucks just to see Amber in the Flesh. The model/girlfriend of Kanye West didn’t disappoint, appearing at the club wearing only a leotard and vest. One hating Atlanta DJ took to twitter the next day to air out the promoters who paid big bucks to bring her to the city:

3 promoters in Atlanta paid an ex-stripper who now dates a extra sensitive rapper to host a party. And you dummies paid extra money to party with her,stupid! We make strippers more important than teachers in our society. This girl was unknown to us and now shes a paid celeb. I can understand athletes and rappers, but a stripper who dates a rapper…and y’all wonder why the club scene in Atlanta is wack nowadays. We idolize the wrong sh*t. I know some are gonna think I’m wack but come on…they paid a stripper who didn’t strip.

Her appearance/hosting fee was between 20-30 grand, What a come up!!! She was also spotted on Saturday night rockin’ blue lips as she club hopped to some of Atlanta’s hottest parties.1milo-ventimiglia-baby-picture28