By: Rizoh

      Word on the street is that Jay-Z is prepping a new album to be released on November 6th. The album shares its title with the upcoming flick American Gangster, which features Denzel Washington, Idris Elba, T.I., and Common. According to XXL Editor-in-Chief, Elliot Wilson, the album will be led by a Pharrell-produced buzz single titled “Blue Magic.”


      Hov told the New York Times that seeing American Gangster helped him construct the direction of his new album. “It was like I was watching the film, and putting it on pause, and giving a back story to the story.”

  • Ms. Nic

    Wow. Another Jay album, I can’t wait.

  • shay28

    i hope it be better than the last one it was ok but not the jay im use too…

  • Carlito Bragonti33

    WOW!!! Hope it doesnt have songs like hollywood on it. HEEHEEHEH. Do your thing mane

  • mississippian

    AWWW man ya’ll know Jay can name his next album Mary had a little lamb.
    And nobody would give a fuck. He’s a genius.

  • ROC237

    jay is the best hands down and hollywood was a good song also do u listen to music or just skim thru it

  • payback tyme records

    that’s my nigga! jigga

  • nicholas69

    I agree with you Roc237 i think Hollywood was a great song that dude need to listen to the music instead of skimmin through it.Jay is the best rapper alive right now .