Angel Pagan’s #PoopSwag Delays MLB Game

 |  August 23, 2011

Poop jokes just do not get old to me.  I am a grown a$$ man and still can not get enough of the word poop. I legitimately have a test for girls I call “the poopies test”.  If you are dating a girl and you want to know if she is a keeper just do this.  Randomly look her dead in the eye and say poopies.  If she laughs she is a keeper.  If she doesn’t…drop that broad.  Simple as that.  According to Gawker:

Mets centerfielder Angel Pagan delayed last night’s game because he was in the bathroom pooping. Apparently Pagan “felt a rumble at the end of the fourth” and ended up spending a significant portion of the fifth shitting, while his coach screamed his name from the dugout in vain. The announcers stalled! The crowd booed! His team played miserably! (The Phillies won 10-0.)


  • Logan F

    Yea Dawg!, I'm diggin this Nickelodeon humor you got their. Those jokes might work on someone aged 5 to 10, but then again, you might end up doing 5 to 10.


    when u have time… can we get a review on the red album (not that i want to buy it jus wanna kno is it worth downloading)