By: Hot Gossip Gal
      This is getting a little out of control. How many people are going to step forward and say that this poor child is theirs? This recent addition to the ever growing list actually sent his claim from prison while he serves a seven year sentence saying that he donated Anna Nichole a sample of his sperm back when they were dating (why would you donate a sample of your sperm if you were dating the chick I don’t
know..but anyhow..he then went on to stalk her and cops were involved. Now he is saying that she got pregnant with Dannielynn through the artificial insemination of his sperm. Hmm ok.

  • Tony GT

    yea it is getting out of control all the news channels are talking about this chick all freekin day COME ON MAN!!!!! let her rest in peace and stop going on about how many people are her baby’s daddy lol