love lockdown

As he previewed his 808’s and Heartbreak to a select gathering of industry professionals and the creme de la creme of media, Kanye let folks know that we can expect another album from him as early as June.
The up and coming album which was recorded entirely in Hawaii is going to be music to our ears, literally…with lots of singing from the Louis Vuitton Don. In true Kanye style he was not holding back on putting out this project which hits shelves on November 25th. “If I wanna sing, I’ll sing. I told Jay, L.A Reid and everyone at my label that I needed to put this out right now, I’ll have another album in June, but this has to come out right now. The way these songs connect with you, God uses me as a vessel- he puts me through pain so that I can go through it, and create…”
It will be interesting to see what direction he takes with his fifth album that’s for sure.