Audio Downloads: Joe Budden Edition

 |  October 26, 2008

Joe Budden- Halfway House














Here are three dope tracks from Joe Budden.  I have been kind of shitting on all the other bloggers for being on this dude’s dick, but after listening to these three joints I feel a little stupid.  I still think he is a little overrated, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think he is ill.  This is definitely the type of music that should be on MTV, BET & the radio, but the game is whack and you have to pay to get love from those media outlets.  The only thing that sucks for Joe is that all the kids that are really on to his movement right now are all internet heads and they will just steal your shit.  Sorry Joe, but we listen to so much music we just can’t pay for it all without going broke. But hey at least I’m promoting you.  Just do shows and get that sponsorship/merchandising money.  That’s the only way for rappers to really eat these days.  That and licensing your music.  But I hope I’m wrong and people actually support the music and pay for it.  But it’s like Diamond D said “Wanna blow on the kush and can’t spring for a dutch.”  Scope the pic for info on where you can cop it.


“Under The Sun”- Joe Budden


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“Overkill”- Joe Budden ft HBK


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“Sidetracked”- Joe Budden


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