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 |  January 8, 2009


Having a little bit of an anxiety attack with this terrible run by the Celtics.  I’m not too worried at the end of the day and this game against the Cavs on Friday is pretty huge.  We gotta get a W for the Celts to get their swagger back.  Some pretty good stuff dropped today.  Feel free to hit me with you music at

Gucci Gucc is still managing to keep the masses happy with music while he is locked up.  I still think the footage of him in court getting called out for all his failures on parole is classic.  Gucci seemed so unapologetic, which obviously made me think he was much cooler.  His first album with all those Nitti beats is damn near classic.  Well not really.

-This track produced by Grandmaster Flash featuring Busta is really dope.  I haven’t really been a fan of Busta‘s music as of late, but he kind of brings back that Extinction Level Event flow to the song which makes it worth snagging.

-You should be on the lookout for all the rappers on this “Press Play” track.  To be honest my knowledge on 6th Sense is weak but Emilio, Skyzoo & A. Pinks are all lyrical as fuck.

Blitz The Ambassador is from Brooklyn via Ghana, and he happens to perform with a live band and puts on a good show.  I saw him at S.O.B’s with a serious horn section and it was awesome. You should check him out already.


“That’s The Type Of Chick That I Like”- Gucci Mane To Preview Track Click Here

“Step Back”- Brisco ft Joe Budden To Preview Track Click Here

“Bounce Back”- Grandmaster Flash ft Busta Rhymes To Preview Track Click Here

“Swagger”- Grandmaster Flash ft Red Cafe, Snoop Dogg & Lynn To Preview Track Click Here

“Press Play”- 6th Sense, A. Pinks, Emilio Rojas & Skyzoo To Preview Track Click Here

“Red Rum”- Lil Wayne ft Dre To Preview Track Click Here

“Breathe”- Blitz The Ambassador ft Rob Murat To Preview Track Click Here

“NoNo!”- Pacific Division ft Ty To Preview Track Click Here

“Mixtape Murder”- Chamillionaire To Preview Track Click Here

“7 Pounds Remix”- GZA ft Bronze Nazareth To Preview Track Click Here