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Sunday, September 7th, 2008 at 7:53 pm
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Ryan Leslie














Whats good. I just wanted to hit you off with some tracks that hit the net this weekend. Only 7 tracks, but whatever. Feel free to hit me with your music at Just give me one or maybe two tracks in an mp3 format. I only have a couple of things to say.

-Ryan Leslie is pretty legit. I’m not the biggest r&b guy, but I have to admit I listen to a little bit, especially as I’ve been getting older. I’ve pretty much liked everything the dude has come out with.

-XV is a rapper from Wichita, Kansas that has a pretty unique style. I liked the mixtape he dropped a couple months ago, which you can cop here. His production and lyrics are a little new wave, but I think that a good thing. I think the dude is pretty ill, but I could see how some of his shit goes over people’s heads. This track “We Comin Up” is actually a little tame compared to some of the stuff on his mixtape.

-This Styles P freestyle goes pretty hard. I love anything Styles or Jada.

-Yes, new JT Money. This track isn’t really that great but his album Pimpin On Wax is classic. He just kind of disappeared after he dropped it, so it’s good see him making music again.





“We Can Dance”- Ryan Leslie

To Preview Track Click Here



“We Comin Up”- XV

To Preview Track Click Here



“Apple Bottom”- Mario

To Preview Track Click Here



“I Got It Made”- Tony Yayo

To Preview Track Click Here



“My Niggaz”- Styles P

To Preview Track Click Here



“Swagger Like Ap (The Boycott)”- Apathy

To Preview Track Click Here


“Bottom Bitch”- JT Money ft Pleasure P

To Preview Track Click Here


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