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Monday, September 29th, 2008 at 6:54 pm
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Just Blaze & K-Salaam
















What’s up dosers.  A lot of good music came out today, but before we jump into it, I have a couple quick things to say.  Above is the graphic for the K-Salaam & Just Blaze show going down this Thursday at Sutra in the LES of Manhattan.  To get your ass on the list hit up K-Salaam at  You know I’ll be there, and you never know who else you may run into.  All aspiring hip-hoppers can hit me with one or two tracks at  They must be original beats, in mp3 format, and not completely whack.  It helps if you link your ihiphop page as well.  Let’s do this.


-I’ve been kind of avoiding saying shit on Cory Gunz.  Nothing really sticks out to me about him, although I’ve noticed some of the heads on the site are feeling him.  This track is pretty ill, so maybe I just need to step up my game on dude.

-Ya Boy is one of those solid underground type dudes from out west.  I believe he is from the Bay Area.  He makes some bold statements on this track, but I’m not mad at him because bold motherfuckers make bold moves.

-I’m a fan of T.I. & The Game, and they both have pretty ill tracks that came out today.  Game‘s is a little better though.

-Joell Ortiz rolls through with some real hip-hop music?  What a fuckin surprise.  This shit is ill, especially with the S. Carter sample on the hook.  Joell‘s also on this joint with Duo Live that is also dope.

-I’m a little upset with the lack of listens Skyzoo is getting in the audio section.  This website is awesome because you can expose yourself to the music of your choosing.  The thing is that a lot of you kids are choosing to listen to whackness.  Think for yourself, instead of letting MTV think for you and get familiar with Skyzoo.

-Speaking of music that isn’t whack Q-Tip dropped a track with D’Angelo that is the track of the day.  I mean it’s Q-Tip, if you don’t like him then I actually want you to do me a favor and never come back to this website again.



“All About Mine”- Cory Gunz

To Preview Track Click Here


“Problems”- Nelly

To Preview Track Click Here


“Let Me In”- Ya Boy

To Preview Track Click Here


“Through My Eyes”- The Game ft Mars

To Preview Track Click Here


“Propane”- T.I. ft T-Pain

To Preview Track Click Here


“Can’t You Tell”- Joell Ortiz

To Preview Track Click Here


“Uh-Huh Remix”- Alfamega ft T.I., Rick Ross & Bun B

To Preview Track Click Here


“I Believe”- Q-Tip ft D’Angelo

To Preview Track Click Here


“The Hustlers Theme”- Skyzoo (Old & Un-Released)

To Preview Track Click Here


“Shootin’ Pt. 2″- Duo Live ft Billz, Joell Ortiz & Red Cafe

To Preview Track Click Here


“Whatver You Like (Unofficial Remix)”- T.I. ft Trina & Foxy Brown

To Preview Track Click Here


“Da Eastside Song”- Playboy Tre ft B.o.B.

To Preview Track Click Here


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