Audio Downloads: Weezy Edition

 |  November 13, 2008














This is the Wayne I like to hear.  I even kind of like this retarded “Get Silly” joint.  I have a feeling these are all off of The Dedication 3, but I’m not 100% sure.  The Willie The Kid joint definitely is, because that’s Drama forcing him on us.  The dude isn’t a bad rapper, but I doubt he’ll do big things.  I feel like I need to call out Wayne a little.  I call out rappers for being fake gangsters and Wayne is certainly one of them.  He’s not a Blood, and it’s not even like any of the dudes up in Angola would fuck with Wayne in real life.  The thing about Weezy compared to other rappers, is that I don’t even care that he is making up all his shit because it’s just too awesome.  At the end of the day Wayne is just a crazy drug addicted  rapper who says crazy shit, and I happen to think the shit is extremely entertaining.


“Da Art Of Storytellin’ 4”- Lil Wayne ft Mack Maine, Willie The Kid & La The Darkman

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“Get Silly Freestyle”- Lil Wayne ft Gudda Gudda

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“Street Life”- Lil Wayne

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