roachI`ve been hearing and seeing articles about Bow Wow being so proud of having a new baby and talking about how much he loves his new daughter. His baby mother Miss Joie (a “video vixen”) went to snitch to TMZ that everything wasn’t as good as it seems.  She explained that she left Bow Wow’s name off of her daughter’s birth certificate because he wasn’t there for her throughout her pregnancy. He also was absent from the child’s birth in which she had to undergo an emergency c-section. He ‘allegedly’ showed up six days later, saw the baby and immediately fell in love.

Airing him out on TMZ wasn’t enough she went to Global Grind to expose Bow Wow even more.

On How She Met Bow Wow
It’s pretty funny because he contacted me because he saw my tattoo and he wanted to use me in one of his videos. He initially wanted to use me for a shoot with him because he liked my tattoo. But ironically we never moved forward with the shoot, so we just remained friends and the rest is history.

On Helping Him When He Was Stressed, Depressed, or Suicidal
He would always talk to me. We became friends before anything. So he would always talk to me and I was straight to the point with him. I would always tell him ‘you have fans, you have people who admire and look up to you. You have a beautiful blessing on the way that you have to live for. You have so much to live for so don’t think like that.’

I was definitely always there for him to cope with whatever he was going through. And just letting him know, be that father that you didn’t have to your daughter.

On Bow Wow’s First Time Seeing His Daughter
He didn’t say much, he just kept looking at her like wow. He just kept saying, ‘Wow! She’s so beautiful I can’t believe I’m a father.’ It was touching for him and he was kind of tearing up. This is new for him like it is for me.

On Bow Wow Wanting To Be A Good Father

I’m happy that he’s happy and he wants to be a part of her life. I am encouraged that he wants to do the things his father didn’t do with him.

On Her Future
I went down a lot of career paths and I have my mind set on modeling. I wasn’t particularly going to go into male modeling, but it sort of just came. Right now I’m a full time mom. I want go back to school, but I don’t want to leave my daughter right now and she’s just a newborn.

On Her Vision For Their Daughter

I want my daughter to be as regular as possible. I don’t want her to be sucked into this superficial life. I want her to have a real life. I want her to go to a regular school and do whatever she wants to do. I want her to forget any of that just because of who her father is. So everything I didn’t see when I was growing up, I want her to see it.

I mean it seems like rappers still dont get it, if you mess with a video vixen or anyone of that nature with a ghetto mentality then ghetto things like this happen.