Back For The 1st Time…

 |  January 19, 2010


The internets is the dopest space on Earth. Shit goes down here at the speed of life. Instantly and unpredictably. I was just kicking it with Combat Jack way before the new year had jumped off and I told him that we weren’t doing enough internets outreach. During the summer we had a nice little event that celebrated the ascendancy of the web in regards to Hip-Hop culture. More than any other media platform the internets has been the space that allows the Hip-Hop culture to express itself to the fullest. Every niche of Hip-Hop is represented here on the internets. This situation works out for the better (Jay Electronica) and for the worse (Ke$ha).

Twenty years ago Hip-Hop was all about the stratification of your regional location. South Bronx, Queensbridge, New York, L.A., Dirty South, United States, Canada. Today you should forget about regions or any specific location. Now Hip-Hop is all about your URL. Where you choose to logon to experience Hip-Hop is more important than where the artists you are enjoying comes from. This is how the internets has transformed Hip-Hop music. Consider yourself part of the vanguard of the early adopters that will get their information before the masses of people offline. And because you are in the forefront you can help shape the culture so it survives into the next milennia.

I signed on to the iHipHop team because I wanted the chance to push my love for Hip-Hop culture to its potential. To express the diversity in the music, graphic arts, fashion and lifestyle that the culture embodies. Now was the perfect time and iHipHop was the perfect place for me to go all the way in. Hip-Hop culture is alive and well and I want to help identify all the people, places and things that add to the heartbeat. If someone were to try to connect the Hip-Hop dots they could do a lot to insure that the culture would continue despite the fact that music labels and corporations are now looking to spend their monies elsewhere. That is my goal here on iHipHop. Would you join me?

So let the fun begin…

  • P Cutta

    Yes my dude. You and CJ keeps it moving. I'm staying tuned!

  • iHipHop

    Lets Go!!!

  • iHipHop

    Lets Go!!!

  • jasonglchu

    i been riding with the big iC (that's the big homey dallas to the penn) all over the internets. ihiphop it is. Go in sonn!

  • $ykotic/Don McCaine

    Congrats dP! Now get to work!

  • erniepaniccioli

    Dallas, Kick Ass ! Ernie

  • king blair

    I'll check you out here but whats gonna differ than the regular site to make this joint pop. But Mr. Top5 will check it out get the bosses to come up off some swag the ninjas love dat {II}

  • StellasKid

    Congrats, Dallas. As someone open-minded enough to blog about Jay Elec and Ke$ha (I called that broad blowing up), I'm down to see what you CJ do over here. Big things poppin'…..

  • cs

    my liege

  • bboycult

    look atchu… moves bein made… i know what i be talkin about…

  • khal

    you know im down. i got a bag of trash for the delorean.

  • YeJiDe

    Then, let's make it pop, Dallas!

  • Jamal7Mile

    I'm hella proud of you and CJ! Nice house!