Back To Business…

 |  March 1, 2009

Lakers  Suns BasketballWell it’s business as usual for both Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, as the Suns hosted the Lakers on Sunday.

After sharing MVP Honors at the All-Star Game and expressing how they “respect” each other but don’t miss playing on the same team anymore; the big “Shaq-tus” gave the Lakers 33 points to remember him by along with 7 rebounds and 3 assists in their win.

Even with though Kobe had 49 points of his own, the end numbers don’t lie and the score was 118-111 when the game clock hit triple zeros.

With Steve Nash still nursing an ankle injury, the Suns were still able to snag their first win over Lakers this year. But that feat is probably not likely to repeat itself if the Suns’ star point guard doesn’t get back on the court ASAP.